When it comes to reliable bids for motorcycle, ATV and RV/Motorhomes trades, it's time to rely on the company that can provide a fast, reliable bid—anytime you need it!


MOTORCYCLEBUYBID is designed primarily for the automobile, recreational vehicle and power sport retail industries. We provide sales managers with a phone number that he can text information into in order to get a buy bid on a power sports vehicle that has been presented to the dealership for a possible trade in.

Motorcycle Buy Bid is:

  1. DEPENDABLE. Your sales manager will feel comfortable with our accurate bid based on sound, current wholesale market conditions.
  2. AVAILABILE. Your sales manager needs access to bids at all hours of the business day, including early morning and late evening. Motorcycle Buy Bid is available 24/7 — including Sundays.
  3. RELIABILE. Regardless of the make, model and condition of the possible trade, Motorcycle Buy Bid produces bids based on wholesale market conditions at the time of the bid request—a bid that is not influenced by saturated inventories or products other than the bidding dealer primary product. We offer bids for all types of motorcycles and ATVs, but Motorcycle Buy Bid is wholesale only, so we do not have the burden of managing a retail lot.
  4. EFFICIENT. It is important to turn the trade into money. Upon notification of a successful trade, Motorcycle Buy Bid funds the bid by the next business day. We pay by check, eliminating awkward, expensive sight drafts and once the check has been received, our goal is to pick up the trade within days of notification and receipt of funds.
DARE is the cornerstone of our MOTORCYCLEBUYBID service!